Evolution is Crazy

GPCH headshot

They stomp their feet like a child having a tantrum. They flare long “ear” plumes (pinnae feathers) into an impressive double erection like jackrabbit ears, and bend over to stick their tail feathers straight up in the air to moon anyone nearby. Most impressively, they inflate apricot-colored air sacs on the sides of their neck… Read more »

Birding Trail Guides: In Praise of Paper


A major perk of working at Bird Watcher’s Digest is that publishers and birding destinations send us stuff: books, promotional materials, and other loot that usually grabs my attention and sometimes rocks my world. Today I received a “virtual birding visit” —a box of promotional materials—from Colorado. Boy, did they target well! I don’t want… Read more »

Boyhood Birds: The Farms of My Youth and Adulthood


I don’t think I am old, but when I realize that my parents were born before the passenger pigeon was extinct, that my grandparents were born when bison filled the plains and that there were Eskimo curlews and, probably, ivory-billed woodpeckers inhabiting the planet with me at one time, I start to feel old. As… Read more »